MiningNews Select Sydney 2024

Panel Discussions

Investor perspectives – key metrics and risks in critical mineral projects


  • Warwick Grigor, Far East Capital Ltd
  • Brett Beatty, Resource Capital Funds
  • John Dorian, Orion
  • Bert Koth, Denham Capital

Uranium renaissance - powering the clean energy future


  • Guy Keller, Tribeca Investment Partners
  • Nicholas Crowther, Minerals Council of Australia

Energy transition and mining – meeting the demand


  • Peter Albert, 29Metals
  • Alberto Migliucci, Petra Commodities Asia
  • Angie Beifus, EY

Navigating commodity super-cycles - a macro-metals perspective


  • Eddie Rigg, Argonaut
  • Kate Dickson, AMEC
  • Daniel Hynes, ANZ

Gold in times of uncertainty - investment strategies for volatile markets


  • Alberto Migliucci, Petra Commodities Asia
  • Sean Russo, Noah's Rule
  • Benjamin Clifford, Argonaut
  • James Morrison, Regal Funds